Amistad Medical Clinics were built on the core value that good healthcare needs to be provided with a patient centered, caring and compassionate approach. From these core values came the creation of our Specialized Senior Care Clinics. We  know that easy access to medical providers, early detection and routine monitoring of health conditions can all play a key role in maintaining ones overall health and well-being. Participating in activities that promote fitness, maintaining good brain health and staying socially active are also important to promoting overall wellness in Seniors.

Amistad Medical Clinics is a family operated medical practice initially founded in 1983 in the city of Santa Ana, that has since grown to a multi-location practice in Anaheim, Long Beach and El Monte. Each location is committed to serving the unique health care needs of older adults. 

Our Senior Clinic provides specialized and individualized care that includes:

  • Compassionate, Bilingual Staff

  • Individualized attention from medical providers

  • Ongoing monitoring of routine and chronic health conditions

  • Assistance with scheduling Specialist and other provider visits

  • Transportation assistance (for who qualify)

  • Community Resources & Education

  • Health & Fitness Workshops